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So those of you who know me know I’m an obsessed Star Wars fan. The current media hype has done nothing to quell that obsession. I’ve been watching the trailers, reading the blogs, buying the “Journey to…” books, etc.

Anyway, I’ve decided to stop reading the blogs until the premier. This is because the more stuff JJ & Crew leak, the more likely some of those “unsupported” rumors are going to end up being true. One of the main reasons I’m seeing the premier is because by being one of the first to see it, I’m limiting my exposure to potential spoilers. I’m still a little annoyed I stumbled across this image:


Anyhoo, for those of you who don’t care about prediction-based spoilers, I’m putting some here. Why am I doing this? Because I have my suspicions and I like being right on predictions. And the only way to prove I’m right is to post them before I could possibly know…Kind of like how awesome it would have been if Zemeckis had actually predicted the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series in Back to the Future.

I digress…

Here’s my list (which may evolve):

  1. Somebody important is going to die…probably an original trilogy cast member…I’m betting it’ll be Chewbacca. I have my reasons for this and it’s not just because there’s a hint of Chewie fur under Rey’s sobbing eyes, but because I saw¬†Peter Mayhew at Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. The poor guy could barely walk and spent nearly every minute in a wheelchair. I know he loves playing Chewie, but I’m sure he’s ready to be done.
  2. Speaking of Rey…She’s Han and Leia’s love-child. She’s also the reason Finn is there. They’re both Force-sensitive and were attracted to each other. They’re going to be the unstoppable Jedi pair moving forward.
  3. Am I the only one who remembers that Max von Sydow has been cast in this movie? Nobody’s talked about him anywhere and doesn’t have a character name for him yet. While I think he’d make an excellent Sith Lord, I’m thinking¬†that he’s actually going to surprise us as Obi-Wan’s Force-ghost. The only other logical choice for that role would be Ewan McGregor, but having his name on the cast list would be a dead giveaway. I bet Obi-Wan and Luke have been chilling in a cave somewhere for the past 30 years waiting for the NEW “New Hope.”
  4. Han’s going to shoot somebody first. And he’s going to make a joke about it when it happens.
    Something like:
    Random Character: “OMG, Han! That bounty hunter/stormtrooper/droid was going to shoot you but you shot first!”
    Han Solo (over the shoulder with explosions in the background): “I always shoot first.”

Ok. So that’s it for now. Maybe there’ll be more later.


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