ABB team photo 2018

Hello, all!

The team photo this year is going to be pretty simple to do. We’re going to be in separate mailboxes like the ones you see at the post office. To make this work right, we’ll need everybody to follow the following instructions/examples as closely as possible.

First, here’s how the task is worded:

Your GISH team looks great in that slotted mailbox, like at a post office, with each box open to display a team member crammed inside. We must see your faces!

This picture shows the mailbox background that will be used. (It’s the actual mailbox wall at my office.)


I will be placing pictures of each of us in the boxes. Here’s a close-up example with Lisa.

Yes…I will be using Photoshop to do this. Unless we want to all fly over here, put on Ant Man suits, and climb into the boxes for a group photo then there is literally no other way to do what is being asked.

Even though Photoshop will be used for the layout, I’m not planning to do anything Photoshopping with the pictures themselves. This means there must be consistency within the images.

Lisa, our lovely model, posed for the following examples of “do’s” and “don’ts”. Of course, creativity is encouraged!

  • Shoot your picture in a doorframe. Please make sure I can see the doorframe. It’s important so I can make sure the scale is correct.

    This is the picture I used for the proof of concept above.

  • Have the picture taken straight on, from the floor, at the same eye level as yourself.

Do not shoot from above or at an angle. STRAIGHT ON ONLY.

  • Please keep your face inside the doorframe…not too far back and not too far forward. Please don’t cover the edges of the doorframe.

This is an example of what NOT to do. DO NOT cover the edges of the doorframe. The doorframe will be the front edge of the mailbox.


Do NOT come out past the edge of the doorframe or else your body will get cut off.

A few more thoughts…

  • The background doesn’t matter. I may be removing the backgrounds to make us look like we’re actually in the boxes. I haven’t decided yet. If you have something cute that you want to include, please keep it near your face.
  • If you want to be back from the doorframe it should still work…but your face MUST be clearly seen and you MUST be identifiable as you. Don’t be surprised if you do this and I ask for a retake.
  • You will either need a helper or a timer on your camera. A selfie won’t work at all.
  • Creativity in poses is highly encouraged, but please keep in mind that there’s a height limit. Interior doorways in the US are usually 30 inches (75cm). Because of the size of the mailbox opening, you really can’t go higher than about 24 inches (60cm).

If you have any questions, please ask. If you’re not sure your image will work or not (or if you have a crazy idea) please message me. I’d hate for you to compose an awesome picture just to have me tell you I can’t use it. Ideally, I’d like to have all pictures in my hands by Monday evening in the US. (1:00 AM Tuesday for Danielle. Noon on Tuesday for Jasmine.)

Everybody has a task for this in Asana. When your picture is ready, please upload it to the “Group Photo Drop” card in the Team Participation column and let me know. I’ll take it from there.

Of course, the best thing to remember about this is to have fun!


(Don’t click the “share” buttons below. I’ve made this page in my personal blog just so I had a place to do it, but the link is only shared with team members.)

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